Industrial control and automation - Busyvee Industrial Solutions

Company Profile:

Busyvee Industrial Solutions limited was incorporated on the seventh day of January, 2010

Busyvee industrial solutions limited is the brainchild of a couple of Nigerian minds with global affiliations who believe that the time for the Nigerian industrial revolution is now. Busyvee industrial solutions limited seeks to catalyze the Nigerian industrial technological revolution by making as many industries as possible efficient, more productive, profitable, safer, sustainable and environmentally friendlier.

Our core values are Excellence and Sustainable Development; Partnership and Satisfaction; Nation Building and Environmental Protection; and Innovation and Adaptation.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Automation Solutions.
  • Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Industrial Machinery.
  • Supply of Raw Materials, Equipment, Tools and Spare Parts.
  • Staffing Solutions.
  • Operational Cost Reduction Analysis.


Our Service Bouquet:

Automation Solutions

  • Busyvee Industrial Solutions limited is a core automation company. Our automation expertise spans the design, upgrading, trouble-shooting, and maintenance of automation solutions. Our vast experience and innovative approach ensures that our solutions are cost-effective and of the highest industrial quality standards.


Supply of Raw Materials, Equipment, Tools and Spare Parts

  • At Busyvee Industrial Solutions, we source raw materials for our clients. Upon our client’s request, we investigate the feasibility of alternative sources of raw materials while focusing on quality, availability, cost-effectiveness, and transportability.
  • We also supply Industrial equipment, tools and spare parts for our clients.


Staffing Solutions

  • Matching our clients with staff who have the required technical skills and professionalism to add real value is our business
  • We carry out technical evaluation of our client technical staff, identifying skill-gaps and map out technical training schemes that meet the needs of our customers. Our specialization on technical staffing solutions enables us to provide customized staffing solutions for our clients.
  • We also source special and highly skilled technical personnel to carry out routine/ breakdown maintenance.


Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Industrial Machinery

  • As Industrial services’ expert, we are involved in all the phases of machinery life span. We install, commission, maintain and de-commission Industrial machinery placing the necessary focus on quality and cost-effectiveness.


Operational Cost Reduction Initiatives

  • Our Operational Cost Reduction Initiatives include the following four basic strategies:
    • We identify opportunities for cost reduction in Industrial systems. Experts analyze industrial set-ups and quickly identify over-designed/ conservatively operated systems; over abundant utilities and energy supplies; Lack of monitoring of utility usage.
    • We prioritize areas of cost reduction keeping proper perspectives. We approach cost reduction of systems by considering entire life-cycle cost of systems as opposed to making decision based on costs at just one point in the system life cycle.
    • In conjunction with client management we implement remedial action. As a team, we develop a systems management program using the systems analysis and priority-setting approach.
    • Finally, we monitor system performance and prepare the needed framework for further cost-reduction initiatives and efficiency improvement schemes.
  • We also continuously develop our Cost Reduction program driving down the cost of implementing the scheme while increasing the amount of savings and value-added quality which accrues to our clients.