Data acquisition
> Protective guard devices to control access under specific conditions of reduced risk.> Light curtains to detect approach to dangerous and limited areas.> Switches for starting and enabling dangerous movements.> Generic protective measures - Emergency stop.
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Distributed I/O
With Modicon™ distributed IO ranges, simplify machine architectures by connecting the sensors and actuators distributed throughout your machines via a fieldbus.
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Electrical distribution and connection system
Easily distribute power within your panels, with a compact offer of Linergy products that includes: distribution blocks, power busbars, terminal blocks and cable ends.
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Spacial™ is a complete offer of steel enclosures ready to fulfil all requirements for the most demanding environments and applications protecting your automation and electrical devices.
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Human machine interface
Magelis™ is a comprehensive , rugged, open-ended interface offer to meet your requirements in a wide variety of applications.
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Industrial plugs & sockets
Pratika™ is a complete range of industrial plugs and sockets for reliable connections. Available on panel-mounted and wander.
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Limit switches
Osisense limit switches Intuitive, easy-to-install range for detection via contact of rigid objects.
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Monitoring and processing
Safety modules manage one safety function, monitor inputs from safety devices and manage the outputs.
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Motor starters and contactors
With TeSys™ offers, protect and control direct on-line or reversing motor starters.
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Photo-electric sensors
Contactless detection of any object using standard or multimode products.
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PLC controllers
Compact, flexible and scalable,Modicon™ logic controllers are ideal for hard-wired solutions.
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Pressure switches
Detection of any industrial fluids via contact (air, water, hydraulic oils, corrosive fluids, etc.)
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