The standard residential range


  • Presentation

    Modern design

    • Two main colors, cream and white alternatives, blend easily with all surfaces in any color or texture.
      Polished surface with no unnecessary lines, prevents the buildup of dust.

    An innovative product with different color strips

    • Anya brings the colors into your life. 11 different color strips for you to choose from and make your own switch.
    • With funky colors, Anya becomes a complementary component on your walls. It’s not just a switch, it’s a decoration.
    • You can use the color strip on the upper or lower part of the product

    Easy wiring and mounting

    • Adaptable to all kinds of CEE60 boxes (gypsum board, brick wall, concrete)
    • Easy mounting of mechanisms by screws or claws
    • Retained screws on the socket front cover and on the terminals
    • Safer connection and easier parallel connection due to double terminals
    • Connection diagrams on the mechanisms

    Optimum range

    • 37 functions for any requirement (Switches, sockets for different standards, rotary dimmer, Lexcom technology, VDI, telephone and antenna outlets)
    • Combinations of multiple functions to suit your needs (from 1 to 6 gang modules).
    • Anya will even guide you in the dark with its luminous switches and push-buttons.
  • Benefits

    In all simplicity!


    The perfect combination of innovative and modern design, functionality, simplicity and high quality. With its elegant appearance, decorative color alternatives and easy mounting, Anya is an optimum range.

  • Applications

    With its plain lines, Anya easily matches all interiors. Anya is always fashionable with its glossy finish. It is a perfect solution for any environment, from the residental market to commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, offices…