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Supporting asset management across the enterprise.

ArcFM, based on the industry-leading Esri ArcGIS® platform, consists of a family of configurable models and a set of sophisticated tools designed to provide a highly efficient asset management solution for energy and water/wastewater utilities.

ArcFM takes advantage of industry-standard architecture and programming to offer:

  • Easy customization as needed
  • Selectable functionality extensions
  • Scalability, from project GIS to enterprise spatial initiatives
  • Maintenance and viewing of data using business rules

A true enterprise solution

While ArcFM provides a powerful query/display/edit environment, its integration capabilities and easy-to-use interface support viewing, editing, mapping, and management of spatial data across the multi-process utility business environment. It’s the unified enterprise asset management solution for creating, managing, and disseminating geographic information — at the project level and in the boardroom.


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