AS-Interface Safety at work

Safety monitors and interfaces on AS-Interface



Safety monitorsVerifies correct operation of the AS-Interface system.

Monitors the safety devices connected to the yellow cable.

Available in 2 versions: with 1 or 2 safety outputs.

Configuration by software running under Windows, by simple Drag & Drop operation.

Safety interfacesFor Harmony dia 22 metal or plastic emergency stop pushbutton switches.

For components with M12 output connectors.

For components with ISOM16 or ISOM20 cable gland outputs.


Safety integrated in the networks

Simplification of cabling combined with the level of diagnostics provided by the “Safety at Work” AS-Interface favours the integration of safety functions to an existing AS-Interface solution.
No extra investment: your installation does not require the use of a safety PLC or a specific AS-Interface master.


All the installations requiring machine or operator protections, and using an AS-Interface network.




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