• Presentation

    Asfora delivers everything today’s wiring devices should. The sleek, elegant design harmonizes perfectly with virtually any interior. Much like your favorite fashion accessory, Asfora is the final touch that says “you.”
    As pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye, Asfora products are made from high-quality materials that won’t yellow over time.
    And, with a range of functions designed for your comfort, Asfora keeps delivering performance day in, day out.
    When it comes to reliable wiring devices for your home, Asfora is quite simply the right choice at the right price.
    2 colours, 1 aesthetic, 15 basic functions

  • Benefits

    Enhance your home’s interior, everyday!
    Get the most out of your home by creating lighting ambiances for each room and each time of day.
    With the right lighting, your home’s interior will take on a whole new dimension:

    • roller blind
    • switch with locator lamp
    • dimmer switch
    • Stay connected all day long!

    From playing online video games to enjoying your favorite music throughout your home, the Asfora range has everything you need to stay connected:

    • TV/R/SAT socket
    • RJ45 data socket
    • Loudspeacker socket
    • Safety first

    The Asfora range delivers the quality design and manufacturing you expect from Schneider Electric.
    All Asfora products meet the latest standards and are manufactured from robust materials chosen to withstand everyday use for years to come:

    • Socket-outlet with cover
    • IP44 socket-outlet
  • Applications