• Presentation

    CDS products avoid breaking of the central circuit-breaker when power consumption exceeds the power subscribed by the consumer.
    To this end, they temporarily break supply to circuits considered to be non-priority circuits as soon as the total current drawn exceeds a pre-set threshold.
    They also enable reduction of the electricity bill by authorising reduction of subscribed demand.
    These products, installed in the electrical switchboard, are designed to be implemented by an electrical contractor.

    The CDS range consists of:

    • CDS: single-phase load shedding of 2 circuits in cascade mode
    • CDS: 3-phase load shedding (one circuit on each of the 3 phases)
    • CDSc: single-phase load shedding of 4 circuits in cascade-cyclic mode

    Technical data

    • Ratings: priority channel adjustable from 5 to 90 A, non priority channels 15 A
    • Voltage rating:
      – single phase: 240 V A + 5 % – 10 %,
      – 3-phase: 415 V AC + 5 % – 10 %
    • Frequency: 50 /60 Hz
    • Indication of load shedding by LED
    • Restoration period: 5 to 10 min.
    • Load shedding override input
    • 1A rating NO contact allowing remote indication of load shedding or direct load shedding via a NC contactor
  • Benefits

    To prevent over-consumption

    • Reduce the electricity bill: load shedding reduces the power subscribed when the subscription was removed
    • Increase the number of loads that can be managed, without increasing subscribed demand
    • Enhance continuity of supply: as soon as the power consumed by the installation approaches the power set on the product, CDSs shed non-priority loads in cascade
  • Applications

    CDS s are especially designed to manage load shedding of electrical loads in residential and tertiary installations up to 36 kVA


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