The widest range of wiring devices for the Nordic countries


  • Presentation

    Exxact offers a wide and complete range of functions, designs, colours and materials from standard to high-end segments. Especially designed for fast and easy installation, perfect final design result and a flexibility for upgrades and modifications.
    Exxact is based on the global 55x55mm platform with maintained focus on respecting the Nordic installation habits.


    Exxact inserts are available in three base colours:

    • White – high glossy surface
    • Anthracite – painted silk glossy surface
    • Metallic – painted silk glossy surface

    All inserts can be combined with any of the design frames.

    Design families

    Exxact Primo : The all-round frame with a modern shape. Available in 1 to 5-gang frames and in matrix combinations with removable bridges for bigger products. Colours: White, anthracite and metallic.

    Exxact Design : With a transparent front frame, easily removed for endless design options. Delivered with colour inlays to match the interior design. Easy to create personal designs via the web-tool Mix&Match. The frames can also be equipped with a light to get an even more fashionable look.

    Exxact Solid :The exclusive option in massive materials – brushed steel or glass in white, black or titanium. Ideal for high-end living and in representative parts of offices and hotels.

    Exxact Basic : The supplementary choice. Specially suitable for tertiary applications and for surface mounting. Available only in white.

    Exxact Combi : A flexible frame, to be used together with the diagonal double socket outlet. Available in white, anthracite and metallic.

  • Benefits

    Move forward to Exxact installations

    • More than 250 functions covering all needs for homes and buildings:
      • Wiring devices – switches, socket-outlets, surface boxes etc
      • Control – Stand-alone electronics, wireless and KNX
      • Network connectivity – LexCom, Keystone, telephone outlets …
    • Solutions for homes and buildings:
      • Lighting control – dimmers, movement detectors, wireless …
      • Climate control – thermostats, roller blinds, KNX …
      • Comfort – Stand-alone electronics, wireless, KNX …
      • Safety and security – timers, socket-outlets with integrated features
      • Energy efficiency – KNX, movement detectors, thermostats …
      • Hotels & Hospitals – key-card switch, illuminated info signs, call-system …
    • New and innovative installation technique for several products, for example multigang frames with removable bridges for bigger products
    • Four-in-one concept – the same insert can be used for both flush IP20/IP44 and surface IP20/IP44 mounting.
    • Insert and frame ordered separately to reduce waste and stocks
    • Easy to upgrade to other designs, colours and materials
    • Environment friendly, fully respecting the RoHS
  • Applications

    Prepared for any kind of installation – flush or surface, IP20 or IP44. Suitable both for residential living areas and buildings like offices, hotels and hospitals.