Harmony XAC

Pendant control stations for Ø 22 mm plastic signaling units

Pendant control stations for auxiliary circuits, equipped with 2 to 12 Ø 22 mm buttons





Functions: 1 or 2 speed up, down, right, and left movements; emergency stop option available

  • Compliance with IEC standards
  • CE marking
  • UL/CSA certification
  • IP 65
  • Double insulated polypropylene casing
  • Screw clamp connection
  • Complete products
  • Products for customer assembly using separate parts and common accessories



Simple, assured operator pendant controls

Designed for mechanical handling, these highly robust pendant control stations comply with the safety requirements of IEC standards. They are not only simple and intuitive, but also very comfortable for the operator to use.



Industry and service sector: hoists, travelling cranes




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