Harmony XALD, XALK

Plastic control stations for control and signalling units Ø 22 from the Harmony® XB5 range



These control stations are suitable for most common functions: start, stop, start-stop, emergency stop.

Complete stations, ready to use:

  • XALD: complete stations are fitted with 1, 2 or 3 Ø 22 mm control and signalling units from the Harmony® XB5 range
  • XALK: complete stations for emergency stop function (1 mushroom head pushbutton)
  • Stations for customer assembly, in order to meet specific requirements:Empty enclosures with 1, 2 ,3, 4 or 5 cut-outs for user fitting of Harmony® XB5 units
  • Conformity to IEC, UL, CSA standards
  • CE marking
  • IP 66, NEMA 4 dust and damp proofing
  • ”Protected LED” illuminated lens units
  • Low-load electrical contact
  • Screw clamp connection, pins for printed circuit


Harmony, your winning style

Designed for industry and the service sector, this range of control stations combines simplicity of setup with compact size and flexibility.
It is ideal for applications requiring good resistance to chemical agents and/or double electrical insulation.


  • Industry: food and beverages, chemical industry, paper mill, marine applications
  • Service sector and infrastructure: energy distribution panel builders, food and beverages, car washes



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