• Presentation

    IC twilight switches automatically control lighting, roller blinds… according to light intensity and/or the time of the day.
    They measure light intensity using photo cells (except IC Astro) that can be installed on a door (“spy hole” cell) or outside a building (wall-mounted cell).
    The IC range consists of:

    • IC100: adjustable from 2 to 100 Lux, it is supplied with an IP54 wall mounted cell. It is an 18 mm module, easy to use when renovating
    • IC2000: adjustable from 2 to 2000 Lux, it is supplied with an IP54 wall mounted cell or with IP65 switchboard cell.
    • IC2000P+: adjustable from 2 to 2100 Lux, it is supplied with an IP54 wall mounted cell. It is simple to use, as it has 3 customisable pre-set programmes
    • IC Astro, 1 channel and 2 channels: operate without cell, according to sunrise and sunset times as per geographic position. They can be customised by using their programmable function.
    • IC100k and IC100kp, 1 channel et 2 channels: adjustable from 1 to 99000 Lux. They are supplied with IP55 wall-mounted cell or with IP66 switchboard cell. IC100Kp type integrates time switch function and is supplied with memory key.
  • Benefits

    With darkness comes light !


    •  Reduction of electrical energy consumption (lighting only operates when necessary).
    • Increased user comfort (lighting automatically starts working as soon as light is no longer sufficient).
    • Enhanced safety (by lighting up dark areas, protection is provided against vandalism).
  • Applications

    More particularly designed for the building and infrastructure markets, they can be used to control:

    • public lighting and lighting of monuments,
    • lighting of car parks,
    • lighting of illuminated, signs and shop windows
    • lighting of industrial type premises.




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