Marisio Habit 21

A wide selection of materials and colors for Latin American standards


  • Presentation

    Habit 21 is a complete range of modular wiring device by Schneider Electric that matches every kind of interiors thanks to a wide selection of plates, materials and colors

  • Benefits

    • Various type of design available to fit every interior
    • A wide range of colors, not only for the plates, but also for the modules to fit all customers’ taste
    • 3 types of materials available: plastic glossy finishing, aluminium, glass
    • A fully modular range, with screwless coverplate
    • 1 and 2 module socket outlet covering all latin american main standards
    • A complete range of electromechanical and electronic modules to respond to the needs of the markets
    • Synergies with the Optiline 70 range of trunking thanks to a dedicated functional adaptor
  • Applications

    • Habit 21 is a range which can be used in residential as well as in commercial building applications
    • Habit 21 fits with the 4X2 rectangular installation boxes used in all the latin american countries