Merten Aquastar

Water-resistant and sturdy

Surface-mounted special range IP44, water/dust protected


  • Presentation

    Whether rain, snow, splashing water, or moisture: the Aquastar surface-mounted switch series is a sturdy and reliable choice. Aquastar has been
    developed especially for rooms that present difficult conditions, such as garages and cellars. The housing of this surface-mounted range is
    made of a rugged, elastic plastic material that can withstand heavy mechanical stresses.

  • Benefits

    The rear side of the housing is fitted with spacers to enable quick and easy installation. The interior proportions of the switch are generous for ease of handling. The switches can be checked easily and comfortably without disassembly thanks to the “front-side testing” function known by QuickFlex. Lighting modules can be intelligently retrofitted by frontal attachment, also without disassembly.

  • Applications