Modular wiring device range for standard residential market (Italian style)


  • Presentation

    Miluz is a modular wiring devices range by Schneider Electric that matches
    everything in your daily life.
    The products have a very functional contemporary design, highly reliable and resistant. Another essential factor is that Miluz is ecologically responsible.

    And the best thing is that you have all these benefits and do not pay more for them.

  • Benefits

         Miluz design goes with absolutely everything and gives you a number of remarkable features:
        • Glossy finishing;
        • Modern design following major market trends;
        • Smooth curves that blend in with the environment.
        • UV protection (for ultraviolet-ray)
        •Modular  and easy to install, screw less coverplate;
        •Sockets outlets for brazilian standard
        •Switches 10 A and 25 A
      •Synergies with Mini  trunking Dexson
  • Applications

    Miluz  is a standard range dedicated to residential applications.
    Miluz fits  the rectangular box 4×2″ and 4×4″ for surface or flush mounted installations.