Minera SGrid

Smart Grid Oil-immersed transformer up to 1000kVA – 36kV
Solution for integrating more renewable energy in smart grid with fewer costs


  • Presentation

    Plug-and-play for optimized investment costs:
    ·          Simple installation
    ·          Suitable for existing distribution substations
    ·          Designed for autonomous operation
    ·          Compliant with existing and new regulations
    ·          ADMS-ready product
    ·          Global support with local Schneider Electric field services teams

    Improved network quality:
    ·          Minera SGrid automatically stabilizes the output voltage
    ·          Widerest regulation range, thanks to innovative technology
    ·          Allow to increase decentralized energy production without risk of voltage band violations

    A highly customisable solution:
    ·          Voltage range and step number tailorable for more precise regulation
    ·          Special requests: any MV voltage up to 36kV, oil, low losses
    ·          Remote supervision capability

    Enhanced reliability and ultra-low maintenance
    ·          No mechanical moving parts inside transformer tank
    ·          Robust design with proven industrial components
    ·          No power electronics

  • Benefits

    ·         Plug and play Regulated Transformer
    ·         A Versatile solution
    ·         Improve the network quality
    ·         Reliable operation & limited maintenance
    ·         Ready for the future
  • Applications

    • Electrical Energy – Utilities
    • Electrical Energy – Renewable generation