Phaseo ABT7, ABL6

Single phase transformers 230 V to 400 V – 25 VA to 2500 VA
Safety and circuit separation transformers from 25 to 2500 VA


  • Presentation

    Universal range 25 VA to 2500 VA – Double winding

    • Fixing on omega rail (depending on model) or panel (screw)
    • Secondary earthing by plug-in jumpers (depending on model)
    • Signalling LED
    • Operating temperature: +60°C
    • Series/parallel wiring of secondary windings by plug-in jumpers (depending on model)

    Optimum range 25 VA to 2500 VA – Single winding

    • Fixing on panel (screw) or on omega rail (option depending on model)
    • Operating temperature: +50°C

    Economy range 40 VA to 400 VA – Single winding

    • Fixing on panel (screw)
    • Operating temperature: +40°C
  • Benefits

    Bring energy to your automated systems!

    Phaseo offers even more compactness and simplicity with 3 transformer offers to respond to every user requirement.
    New Universal double winding offer: innovative and high performance automation product design. Optimum single winding offer: a generation of proven products. Economy offer, just enough for repetitive automated systems.

  • Applications

    • Industry and building: simple machines, conveying, process, automobile sector…
    • Solenoid valves, contactors…




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