Preventa XPE ATEX D

Foot switches, for explosive atmospheres


  • Presentation

    Certified products, conforming to the European Directive ATEX94/9/CE

    Machine safety
    » Trip wire operated Emergency stops
    » Foot switches.

    Operator dialogue

    » Pushbuttons and mushroom heads Ø22
    » Selector switches and key switches
    » Illuminated pushbuttons and pilot lights with LED
    » Control stations.

  • Benefits

    A wide range of compact and robust products designed to operate in hazardous environments.
  • Applications

    What is an explosive atmosphere?According to the Directive, it is the mixing with air, in atmospheric conditions, of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour, mist or dust which, in the event of combustion, spreads throughout the non burning mix.


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