Prime Decor

Modular range for medium segment (rectangular boxes – Italian type)


  • Presentation

    • Intelligent design, with soft and discrete mechanisms
    • Modular product with UV protection
    • High resistance ABS cover frames, smooth, shine surfaces and easy to clean.
    • Exclusive Microban ® protection, international leader in antibacterial technology.
      • Sockets outlets for several standards
      • Switches 10A and 25A
      • Modular product for flush mounted or surface installation
      • Complete range of electronics devices
  • Benefits

    Consecrated design brings style to classic or modern environments.
    With its “clean” and contemporary design, Prime Decor has 8 cover frames colors from pastel to metallic shades combined with 3 colors of modules (pure white, ivory saara and graphite) allowing a variety of combinations inspired in the architectural and decoration tendencies.

    Prime Decor is the only to have the exclusive antibacterial protection Microban® that inhibits bacterial and fungus proliferation, making the product more hygienic and reducing the risk of contamination during its lifecycle.

    Microban and the brand Microban® are property of Microban products company, EUA.

  • Applications

    Prime Decor is design to fit the rectangular box 4×2″ and 4×4″ for surface or flush mounted installations, to residential or tertiary market.