Yesterday’s vanguard for today’s sophisticated architecture.
Recreate the atmosphere of previous times. If renovating, modernising or complementing electric installations in an established environment is considered, Renova is a reliable choice. These extraordinary light switches, dimmers, timers, and lots of further iconic technical functions are enframed by timeless and truly stylish design, perfectly harmonising with a multitude of settings and architecture.


  • Presentation

    Renova Original – Timeless beauty
    Sophisticated aesthets who desire contemporary design that never gets out of style will be addicted to the nostalgic, aesthetic shapes. Underlined by a large number of modern functions, Renova Original in black or white perfectly blends with all requirements on classical architecture.

    RENOVA Glass – Urban vanguard
    Sourcing elegant high-quality materials like glass, this vanguard design variant perfectly complements modern interiors. The airy pastel colours and the elegantly sleek material match the novel architectural style of functionalism, lending a retro touch to urban homes.

    RENOVA Effect – Magnificent elegance
    Home-proud dwellers who love nature will get a charge out of this mineral- and wood-toned colour palette. A modern photographic technique makes Renova Effect available with a metallic, walnut or marble finishing, thus enhancing the elegance of an aged classic interior.

  • Benefits

    Clever functions
    Simplify life with smart and practical functions generating added value to the outstanding design of Renova. Various electrical inserts, crafty wallpaper protectors or the unique frame system for combination mounting contribute to easily create the set of wiring devices as needed.

  • Applications

    From classical electronic functions (e.g. lighting dimmers, outlets, movement detectors, timers) to highly evolved multimedia outlets (standard radio / TV, telephone or multimedia radio/ TV/ data) Renova combines a nice elderly look equipped with unique accessories, all meeting today’s demands on electric safety and comfort. Smart properties like wallpaper protectors or the easy click-in technique for comfortable flush- or surface-mounting of 2- and 3-gang combinations will further simplify installation.