Extra strong for rough environments
When you need something extra


  • Presentation

    Robust is the choice for you when you need something extra. Something that holds for hard knocks, something that lasts in rough environments.

    Using Robust you get wiring devices with a slim design without any exposed edges sticking out from the wall. In addition to this Robust have outer frames that protect the devices, thus, it is not possible to dismount any parts when the outer frame is in place. The frames are fixed to the surface with four extra screws, which are hidden behind blind plugs after installation. This gives a robust and nice-looking installation at the same time.

    The solution gives a high impact-resistant class, IK09, according to the international standard IEC62262, and at the same time a nice-looking installation.


    • Switches and push-buttons in the most common variants
    • Single and double socket outlet
    • Swedish telephone outlet
    • Centre-plates for antenna and modular outlets
    • 1 and 2 gang outer frame
    • Box for surface mounting. This part has an IK08 class.
  • Benefits

    • Strong. High impact-resistant class, IK09, according to the international standard IEC62262.
    • Safe. Decreased number of damaged electrical devices that can be reached by for example children.
    • Cost-saving. Less work to replace broken electrical switches and outlets.
    • Easy to use everywhere. No special flush boxes are needed, only existing standard boxes.
    • Easy to install. The same technical insert as in our other standard ranges.
    • Environment friendly. Halogen- free and fulfilling the RoHS directive.
  • Applications

    Robust is the perfect choice for schools, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, corridors and other public areas where the electrical installations normally are extra exposed.