TAC I/A Series

Enterprise-wide control solutions across industry standard communication platforms
Building Management System, TAC I/A Series, allows you complete building access, control and monitoring from anywhere in the world.


  • Presentation

    From hospitals to high-rises, buildings of all types and sizes can achieve greater operating efficiencies with the truly open, interoperable and powerful TAC I/A Series Building Management System.

    • Open an interoperable: LONMARK® LONWORKS® BACnet®, TCP/IP are standard with Modbus® as fully supported options.
    • Web powered: The TAC I/A Series is designed from the ground up as a Java-based web-enabled product family. Thin client, pure browser access for any size project.
  • Benefits

    • Provides intelligent automation for facilities of every type and size.
    • Delivers an open interoperable solution.
    • Allows third-party integration.
    • Remote access through the Internet puts you in full control of your building from anywhere in the world.
  • Applications

    • Access control
    • Video security
    • HVAC control


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