Tesys Quickfit

Installation system for discrete motor starters up to 15 kW/400 W



System for TeSys motor power-starters with spring terminals, incorporating Quickfit technology: exclusive technology for wireless and toolless connection

For the power part:

  • a power kit
  • a power splitter block
  • an upstream terminal block
  • a downstream terminal block
  • For the control part:
  • a control splitter block
  • a control connection module

Pre-cabling control:

  • A control connection module
  • TeSys U common connection accessories.


Without tool, setting up become easier

Offers tool-free setup and maintenance, clipping together simply via spring terminals to ensure reliable connections and enhanced safety. Tesys Quickfit increasingly discrete wiring also makes it more compact.


Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:

The motor power-starters in question are those which combine circuit-breakers with 9 to 32 A model d contactors



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