The revolutionary Full-Flat switch for instanding people

Full-Flat switch for in-standing people


  • Presentation

    To be truly seamless, some interior design concepts need switches to be as invisible as possible. Until now full-flat switches that could satisfy this need have been limited to luxurious electronic switches and lighting control systems. ZENcelo switches, with the patented mechanism of “impress”, enable electro-mechanical switches to achieve the same full-flat form factor, in a slim profile at an affordable price. In delivering on this promise, ZENcelo even features a clever mechanical devices called “Ondicator” to tell if such a switch is on or off.


    • Clear of all unnecessary lines and protrusions, ZENcelo harmoniously blends in with every contemporary
      décor. It is about an in-standing way of being.

    ZENcelo ELV+

    • Extra-low-voltage control wallplate with RJ45 socket to provide easy and secure connection to the latest hotel management systems. The availability of product options may vary by region.
  • Benefits

    The revolutionary Full-Flat switch

    • Award-winning switch range
    • Slim Full-Flat form factor enabled by patented mechanism of “impress”
    • Patented “Ondicator” to indicate ON/OFF status without the need to use protruding dollies or small Neon lamps
    • Available in White, Silver Bronze, Silver Satin and Silver White colors
  • Applications

    • Residential, commercial and hotel applications.
    • British, Indian, and South African installations
    • Flush- or surface-mounted installations